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You have so much goodness & success in your life but it never seems quite… enough

(in fact, the thought of feeling good enough feels like a foreign concept to you)

This leaves you feeling:

  • Unfulfilled

  • Dissatisfied


  • Unhappy

You might think your life’s solution is to do more, achieve more, and be perfect enough.

And when the doing more doesn't work, you:

  • Criticize yourself

  • You feel stuck


  • You end up where you started....unfulfilled, unhappy, and still not enough.


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Hi, I'm Dr. Christina and I'm a ‘recovering perfectionist.’

I, too, fell into the perfectionism trap of trying to be the perfect daughter, perfect student, perfect employee, have the perfect body, act perfect, and ‘live perfect.’ And much of the time, I felt perfectly miserable!

I lived the If/Then trap of “I’ll be happy if, I’ll be confident when….” I frantically pursued happiness, fulfillment, and finding true meaning for my life. But no matter how much I tried—I couldn’t get ‘perfect enough.’

I never reached perfection (nobody does!), but instead, got mired down in common perfectionism traps of self-criticism, overwork, exhaustion, and feeling empty inside. I felt trapped in this vicious cycle. Then, finally, I learned to free myself, broke free, and never looked back!

Now, I am here to share these invaluable tools with you.

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 Tell me, is this what you are seeking?

  • Freedom & peace from the internal turmoil brewing inside you

  • Silence from that nagging, critical voice that is bringing you down

  • The ability to make decisions confidently instead of constantly needing outside validation.

  • To stop doubting yourself


  • To feel secure and confident in who you really are!

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 Here’s an offer that gives that to you:

A 12 week online group coaching program for women struggling with perfectionism. This coaching program is going to help you gain insight and tools you need to take back your life from the perfectionist hands that are holding you back. All while being in community with other like minded women working together in pursuit of perfectionism freedom!

Here are some of the topics we will be covering:

  •  Perfectionism: What is it and how it is impacting your life

  • What fuels your perfectionism

  • How to create realistic and sustainable goals

  • Why you procrastinate and how to stop it

  • How to embrace failure and making mistakes

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries

  • Why you people pleasing + how to stop it

  • And much much more!


This is for you if you:

  • Are stuck and unsatisfied

  • Gravitate towards perfecting and doing more in order to change

  • Constantly seek outside validation

  • Are critical of yourself and others

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The self-criticism, the disappointment, the lack of trust in yourself is simply not working. Neither is the perfecting and doing more to achieve fulfillment and happiness. You know you need a change but you don't know how to do it. And the thought of being in community with other like minded women feels comforting.

I'm here to help you, I've got your back! And together, as a group, we can keep each other accountable to finally letting go of perfectionism!

After working with Dr. Cruz, I feel more confident and less critical of myself. I have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel and am very grateful for the time I spent working with her. I know there will still be tests along the way, but Dr. Cruz provided tools that will help me face these challenges with confidence and thoughtfulness, knowing each challenge provides a lesson and room for growth. If you feel like you are never good enough and are struggling to break out of your self-critical, perfectionist shell, Dr. Cruz can help you. I cannot recommend her enough! I can happily say that I am now a recovering perfectionist!
— Past Client
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Group Details & What’s Included


The (Group Name) will begin in September

 The Investment

A onetime payment of $591 or 3 installments of $197/month. (MAYBE??: If you pay in full you will receive 10% off or if you pay in full by DATE you will receive 10-15%off??)

 This is a 92% off (need to word this carefully)

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For the first time, I felt supported and validated in a way I haven’t before. The most significant thing that resulted from working with her was simply that belief that I am strong enough to get through this, achieve anything, and that I am enough. That to me was very important and very powerful along with the skills that she has taught me. Most of my life, I have struggled with low self-esteem and self-worth.
— Past Client

 One last rah rah rah….

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 Are you the right fit?

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