My Approach

My approach is like gently peeling an onion until you get down to the good stuff- the core of you! You've got to be kind and gentle when peeling those layers…As those layers peel back, you will start to understand yourself on a deeper level. This sacred work requires patience, empathy, and self-compassion.

You will discover strong feelings that you haven't expressed and deeply ingrained patterns of behavior that have held you trapped.  

Moving ever closer to your core allows you to express feelings more fully and create new patterns that work for you. I will support your process—and help you get to where you want to be!

I will hold up the mirror for you—hold up the mirror that shows the Truth about You!

You’ll see just how wonderful, strong, powerful, and capable you really are! I offers a safe, judgement-free zone that challenges you with clarity and insight, healing tools and new mindset. My coaching and healing approach will give you new perspectives, build confidence, and help create unshakeable self esteem.

How You Will Change

Doing this work changes you—in the very best of ways!

As trust of yourself grows, you will see yourself differently, act differently, carry yourself and communicate differently.

You'll develop greater self trust, self esteem, self awareness and acceptance. It will become easier to develop deeper connections with others. You'll see how strong you really are, how smart you are, and how your very imperfections—are perfect! You'll soon realize that You Are Enough.

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3& 6 Month Coaching Package Includes: 

-90 Minute Deep Dives -Biweekly Online Sessions -Monthly Curriculum -Weekly Homework Assignments -Email Support -Online Community -Extras!


1: 1 Indivdual Sessions:

For those who prefer to meet weekly, I offer an hourly rate:

$130-$160 for a 60-90 minute session. (I do not take insurance).


Group Coaching Packages Include: 

-90 Minute Deep Dives -Biweekly Online Sessions -Monthly Curriculum -Weekly Homework Assignments -Email Support -Online Community -Extras!


Common Coaching Topics we will cover:

-The root of your perfectionism -Not feeling good enough -Expectations -Extreme Thinking -Fear of Failure - The need for Control -Personalization -Comparison - People Pleasing -Self- Compassion & Self-Love

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