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Hi, I'm Christina,

I know how much courage it takes to make this initial step towards change. As Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I celebrate your initial first step towards change and I'm here to walk this journey with you!

Why do I do this work?

I consider myself a recovering perfectionist. Like you, I fell into the perfectionism trap of trying to be the perfect student, perfect employee, have the perfect body, and quite frankly, live perfectly. I also fell into the if/then mindset while pursuing happiness, fulfillment, and trying to find meaning in my life. Guess what? I never reached perfection, instead I criticized and overworked my already exhausted soul. When I realized the vicious cycle I was in, I broke free and I haven't looked back since! The irony is, when I broke free from perfectionism, I achieved true internal happiness, fulfillment, and found my purpose in life.

My healing allowed me to be more self aware, identify my roadblocks, and notice how I was preventing my own personal growth. Instead of fighting how I was feeling, I gave my emotions space, which allowed me to understand myself on a deeper level and was able to choose a different path. When I allowed myself to be vulnerable, I connected with my true authentic self and I formed deeper connections with loved ones. When I sat with discomfort, I overcame fear. When I failed, I gained self confidence. So you see, I've been there too! It's my biggest joy and honor to walk with you through your journey of healing.

What's coaching like with me?

My clients have told me they feel safe and validated by me, that I offer a judgment free zone, and that I gently challenge them. My clients also know that I have a lot to say, and I am willing to say it! Rather than just sitting back, I will jump in with tools and suggestions. If you're willing to let go of what's not working, I will offer you a new perspective on building confidence and improving self-esteem. If you're feeling stuck, together we will practice new skills to get you moving again.

My approach is like peeling an onion. As we peel back the layers, you will start to understand yourself on a deeper level. This takes patience, empathy, and self-compassion. If self-compassion doesn't come naturally to you right now, don't worry, that's something I will help you with! You've got to be kind and gentle when peeling those layers. Underneath are strong feelings that you haven't expressed and deeply ingrained patterns of behavior that have been holding you back from growing. As you move closer to your core, you get to express your feelings more fully and choose new patterns that actually work for you.

What can you expect?

During and after our work together, you will see yourself differently. You'll develop greater self-awareness and acceptance, and you will likely develop a deeper connection with others. You'll see how strong you are. You'll see how much you can accomplish and you'll find out that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Education + Clinical Experience:

I was born and raised in sunny Southern California. I received my Masters and Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University, Los Angeles, after completing my undergraduate studies at the University of California, Irvine. My clinical training has provided in-depth experience working with mood and anxiety disorders, emotional dysregulation, behavioral problems, self-harm, and disordered eating. I have also provided clinical supervision to case managers and fellow clinicians. I take all of my training and experience with many different methods and I integrate all of them to help you heal and grow. We'll collaborate to cultivate awareness, help you understand your emotions, and change thought and behavior patterns that are preventing you from moving forward in life.

I am a wife and mother and in my spare time you will likely find me exploring the outdoors, hanging out with friends, hiking, enjoying a delicious meal, or planning my next travel adventure.