Do YOU Feel Empty Inside? Is something Missing from Your Life? Tired of feeling Unfulfilled?

Don’t ignore that little voice—that is your True Self calling You!

Hi, kindred soul, I'm Dr. Christina and I will help you heal that Emptiness Inside, heal Your Heart, help you truly Live again—and finally love yourself!

It's time to Stop ‘Perfecting’ and Start Living!

  •  Are YOU Stuck in a No Win Cycle of Pleasing Everybody But Yourself?!

  • Do YOU Need Help making YOUR self-care needs a priority?

  • Are YOU tired of not feeling good enough? Does the thought of feeling good enough just as you are feel like a foreign concept?

I Can Help!

I'm an expert at helping women who are stuck in the madness of pretending and needing to seem perfect.

Perfectionism Thinking is a mental and emotional addiction.

It makes you feel like you have control. But really- it steals your control, and your joy, spontaneity, excitement- and your heart.

        Together, let's help you get unstuck from the perfectionism trap you are in and create the life You truly desire!

  • Are you ready to quiet that inner critic that says you are not Not Good Enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, Not good enough (fill in the blank with your internal pain dialogue!)?

  • Are you ready to finally feel confident in your own skin?

  • Are you ready to let go of the self-doubt and fear of failure that is holding you back from reaching your true potential?

Then let's get started!

I am here to gently lead and support you on your path to discovering Your authentic self while relinquishing the need to control and be perfect. This will allow you to feel excited about life again, love yourself, feel happy with yourself, let the love in and let go of perfectionism for good!

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