For those local to Bend, Oregon, I am available to meet in person. For Clients outside of Bend, I offer video and tele-coaching and have found great success with both! If you have never used an online platform, don't worry, all you need is a webcam and internet access to set it up. Most people appreciate the convenience of online and tele-coaching because they save travel time and money, reduces their stress, and enables greater flexibility in their schedules.


Coaching VS Therapy

Coaching is about moving closer to the future you desire. Coaching is rooted in the here and now, future focused, and is a collaborative process that helps you identify your values and holds you accountable to achieving your goals. We will work together to establish a realistic, concrete plan that will help you gain clarity so you can keep moving forward in life. I will also provide regular feedback, suggestions, and "homework assignments" to hold you accountable of your vision.

Therapy tends to be past and trauma focused, geared toward healing suffering, and helps clients work through significant, often chronic distress. You dive deeper into your personal struggles. Therapy includes a mental health diagnosis based on a set of symptoms you are experiencing. We will not explore deep into your past nor will I diagnose you since I provide coaching, not therapy.