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Dr. Christina Cruz

Coach for Women with Perfectionism

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Hi, Kindred Soul, I'm Dr. Christina Cruz

Perfectionism + Emotional Wellness Coach

You, my dear are a smart, passionate woman who does so much in life. You give to others and have many great blessings. But something feels off. You feel unfulfilled. You might think in order to achieve happiness and feel fulfilled, you have to look, live, and be perfect in every way. 

You don't feel good enough just as you are. In fact, the thought of feeling good enough feels like a foreign concept.

You are bullied by your inner critic.

The thought of making a mistake or failing paralyzes you.

As a recovering perfectionist and a former not enougher, I know your struggles all too well. I, too, perfected. I overachieved. I people pleased. I sought validation outside of myself- until I found a new way of living....and haven't looked back since.

My mission is to help women connect intimately with who they are at their core and explore what they want most out of life while relinquishing their deep desire to control, restrict, or be perfect. I help women let go of what no longer serves them so they can live authentic and restriction free lives. It's possible, let me show you how! 


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As trust of yourself grows, you will see yourself differently, act differently, carry yourself and communicate differently.

You'll develop greater self -trust, self- esteem, self- awareness and acceptance. It will become easier to develop deeper connections with others. You'll see how strong you really are, how smart you are, and how your very imperfections—are perfect! You'll soon realize that You Are Enough.


Are you ready to find real, authentic self love, internal peace, and freedom from perfectionism?? Then let's get started!

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The most significant thing that resulted from working with Dr. Cruz was simply the belief that I am strong enough to get through this, achieve anything, and that I am enough.
— Past Client

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