Online Coaching Group for Women with Perfectionism

  • Consider yourself a perfectionist?

  • Are you drowning in expectations you can't meet?

  • Do you feel inadequate, unfulfilled, and not good enough?

  • Are you your own worst critic?

  • Ready to break free from perfectionism for good?

Then this group is for YOU! In this 12 week online support group, we will uncover the driving forces that are fueling your perfectionism. This process will allow you to become intimately aware of the real impact perfectionism is having on your life and you will understand how perfectionism is standing in your way! Together we will practice self acceptance & self compassion skills to help you challenge your inner critic. I will teach you practical tools that will allow you to move past your perfectionistic roadblocks for good! 


In this group you will:

  • Become intimately aware of how your perfectionistic mind works

  • Understand the impact perfectionism is having on you and others

  • Learn to challenge your critical perfectionistic voice with compassion

  • Learn to set realistic goals

  • Gain valuable tools to help you combat your perfectionistic tendencies so you can finally break free from the restrictions that are getting in your way!


When: Beginning early January 2018 based on group availability

Location: Online video meetings. All you need is a computer or laptop with a webcam

Time: Each call will last 90 minutes. Day and time of the group will depend on the group consensus

Homework: I will provide homework and journaling exercises for in-between meetings

Commitment: 3 month commitment to our group. This will be a closed group

Cost: $75 per group session paid at the beginning of each month. If you pay for the entire 3 months in advance you will receive 10% off. 

Contact me today to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation to determine if LIFE COACHING and group support is right for you!

Dr. Christina provided us with training for about eight months. Due to the distance involved, we met online weekly for our sessions. She was warm and engaging, as well as knowledgeable and professional. We enjoyed our sessions with her, and were able to apply our learning to our daily lives with her help. We felt that she truly cared about our family, and appreciated having her support during a difficult time in our lives.”—Past Client