What's Coaching like?

Coaching with me will move you closer to the future you desire, while strengthening the relationship you have with yourself. My approach to coaching is a future oriented, collaborative process that helps you identify and overcome thoughts and behaviors that are impacting your daily functioning and relationships. You will become intimately familiar with yourself by allowing your emotions to guide you, you will know how your mind works, and identify when you are standing in your own way. You will see your roadblocks—and overcome them for good! In everyday life, you’ll see old patterns—and you will know how to change them!

How will we meet?

My clients come around the world. Many of my clients meet with me online and we do our amazing work using video and tele-coaching over the phone. 

People appreciate the convenience of online and tele-coaching because it saves them travel time and money, reduces their stress, and provides greater flexibility in their schedules. If you have never done online coaching before, do not worry, all you need is a computer with a webcam and good internet service! If you prefer to meet by phone, that works too! 

Coaching VS Therapy

Coaching is about moving closer to the future you desire. Coaching is rooted in the here and now, future-focused, and is a collaborative process that helps you identify your values and holds you accountable to achieving your goals. We will work together to establish a realistic, concrete plan that will help you gain clarity so you can keep moving forward in life. I will also provide regular feedback, suggestions, and "homework assignments" to hold you accountable for your vision.

Therapy tends to be past and trauma-focused, geared towards healing suffering, and helps clients work through significant, often chronic distress. You dive deeper into your personal struggles. Therapy includes a mental health diagnosis based on a set of symptoms you are experiencing. I will not explore deep into your past nor will I diagnose you since I provide coaching, not therapy. 

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