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Dr. Christina Cruz

A Confident You: 7 Strategies to help ambitious women embody the true essence of self-confidence

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About Dr. Christina

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Hi! I’m Dr. Christina Cruz, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, an online confidence and mindset coach, and the creator of the Resilient Mind Method.

I help ambitious, heart-centered women reclaim their self-confidence while releasing the self-doubt and worries that keep them stuck so they can confidently take action to pursue their dreams with ease.

Having overcome my own confidence blocks, self-doubt, overthinking, and limiting beliefs, I now know what it is like to embody TRUE self-confidence. I was once told by a supervisor to “fake it till you make it.” And you know what? It never worked for me. I knew there was a better way and I have since learned a better way and have helped hundreds of other women find their way for the past 12+ years.

I can’t wait to share a new method of approaching self-confidence that is lasting and can weather any storm in your life. Let’s begin!

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