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You have achieved so much in your life but your success still doesn’t seems quite… enough

(in fact, the thought of feeling good enough feels like a foreign concept to you)

This leaves you feeling:

  • Unfulfilled

  • Dissatisfied


  • Unhappy

You might think the solution to how you are feeling is to do more, achieve more, and be perfect enough.

And when the doing more doesn't work, you:

  • Criticize yourself

  • You feel stuck


  • You end up where you started....unfulfilled, unhappy, and you don’t feel like enough.

“Perfectionism is not a standard, it’s an obstacle.”

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Break Free From Perfectionism

An Online Group Coaching Program for women seeking perfectionism freedom!

Break Free From Perfectionism is for you IF you are ready to:

  • Experience freedom & peace from the internal turmoil brewing inside you

  • Silence from that nagging, critical voice that is bringing you down

  • Make decisions confidently instead of constantly needing outside validation.

  • STOP doubting yourself


  • Feel secure and confident in who you really are!

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 Here’s a program thatwill help you achieve your goals:

I created the Break Free From Perfectionism Online Group Coaching Program with YOU in mind. Here’s why:

I see you struggling with trying to keep up with all the"shoulds" and rules you have for yourself and others. You feel disappointed and unsettled because your expectations are not being met.

You avoid making mistakes or even worse ::gulp:: avoid failure at all costs. Just the mere fact at failing is likely to send you running for isolation.

You realize that you are your own worst critic and you darn well know if you talked to your friends the same way you talk to yourself, well, you wouldn't have any friends in your life! You recognize that you need to be more loving towards yourself but you think you don't have the time for self-care OR you don't even know how to show yourself more love and compassion.

And, because you are here, on some level, you know there is a roadblock preventing you from achieving real, authentic happiness in your life.         

That’s why I created the Break Free From Perfectionism Online Group Coaching Program!

In this 12 week online group, you will work along aside a small group of like minded women collaborating to work on a common goal. This coaching program is going to help you gain the awareness you are missing to help you understand yourself on a deeper level. I will teach you long lasting tools you will need to take back your life from the perfectionist hands that are holding you back. All while being in a safe and nurturing space that will allow all of us to grow and achieve perfectionism freedom!

Here are some of the topics we will be covering:

  •  Perfectionism: What is it and how it is impacting your life

  • What fuels your perfectionism

  • How to create realistic and sustainable goals

  • Why you procrastinate and how to stop it

  • How to embrace failure and making mistakes

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries

  • Why you people please + how to stop it

  • And much much more!

Group Details & What’s Included:

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The Break Free From Perfectionism Online Group will begin in September


Each coaching call will be recorded and sent to each group member


The group will run for 12 weeks with each weekly call being 60-75 minutes in duration


Access to a private Facebook group where we will discuss various topics, progress towards goals, seek advice, and share struggles with other group members.


Each group member will have a 60 minute 1:1 private coaching session with me


As a group member, you can email me in between group sessions in the event you needed added support or coaching. Remember, you are not alone on this journey, I’ve got your back!


Each week you will have homework assignments that correspond to the week’s topic


Bonuses and tons of support from me and fellow group members!

After working with Dr. Cruz, I feel more confident and less critical of myself. I have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel and am very grateful for the time I spent working with her. I know there will still be tests along the way, but Dr. Cruz provided tools that will help me face these challenges with confidence and thoughtfulness, knowing each challenge provides a lesson and room for growth. If you feel like you are never good enough and are struggling to break out of your self-critical, perfectionist shell, Dr. Cruz can help you. I cannot recommend her enough! I can happily say that I am now a recovering perfectionist!
— Past Client
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Ready to invest in YOU??


PLEASE NOTE: This is the only time this year I’m going to be running this group AND it is the only time I’m going to offer this group at a deeply discounted rate!

If you signed up for 3 months of private coaching with me, it would cost you over 3x the amount of this course so sign up now before slots fill up!

 Ready to sign up?

Hi, I'm Dr. Christina!

Wondering how I know your struggles? Well, I’m a recovering perfectionist myself. I fell into the perfectionism trap of trying to be the perfect daughter, perfect student, perfect employee, have the perfect body, act perfect, and ‘live perfect.’ And much of the time, I felt perfectly miserable!

I lived the If/Then trap of “I’ll be happy if, I’ll be confident when….” I frantically pursued happiness, fulfillment, and finding true meaning for my life. But no matter how much I tried—I couldn’t get ‘perfect enough.’ Which inevitably led to a lack of fulfillment and happiness in my life.

I never reached perfection (nobody does!), but instead, got mired down in common perfectionism traps of self-criticism, overwork, exhaustion, and feeling empty inside. I felt trapped in this vicious cycle.

Like you, I wanted peace and happiness and on some level, I knew the way I had been relating to myself was not healthy. So, I dug deep and worked hard to crawl out from underneath the perfectionist hole I was under. And you know what? It wasn’t easy but I was so worth it!

Along my journey I have helped other women achieve perfectionism freedom and I now I am here to help you too!

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Is this group therapy?

No. This is a group coaching program for educational purposes. Coaching is about moving closer to the future you desire. Coaching is rooted in the here and now, future focused, and is a collaborative process that helps you identify your values and holds you accountable to achieving your goals. We will work together to establish a realistic, concrete plan that will help you gain clarity so you can keep moving forward in life. I will also provide regular feedback, suggestions, and "homework assignments" to hold you accountable of your vision.

Therapy tends to be past and trauma focused, geared toward healing suffering, and helps clients work through significant, often chronic distress. You dive deeper into your personal struggles. Therapy includes a mental health diagnosis based on a set of symptoms you are experiencing. I will not explore deep into your past nor will I diagnose you since I provide coaching, not therapy. If at any point in the 12 weeks I determine you are better suited for therapy, I will refer you to a licensed therapist in your area.



I’ve never been on a video call before, what do I need to get started?

All you need is a webcam, either your computer has one build in or you can purchase your own external webcam. You will also need to download a free software called Zoom before our first group session. Zoom is very easy to set up and use!



What if I miss a group session?

Every call will be recorded and sent to each group member in case you miss a call or want to review material covered.



Is the Facebook group mandatory?

No, but it is highly encouraged. What I have found in my perfectionism recovery journey is community and support is key! Perfectionism can feel isolating so being around people that understand your struggles is validating and necessary while on this journey.



What is your return policy?

If after 2 group sessions you determine the group is not a good fit for you, I will provide a full refund.

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This group is for you:


  • You struggle with perfectionism, people pleasing, and setting healthy boundaries

  • You often set unrealistic expectations for yourself and others

  • You constantly feel disappointed with your life

  • You lack feeling or having ‘enough’ or fulfilled

  • You are ready to learn a new way of relating to yourself

  • You want peace and happiness in your life

  • You want to be in community with other like minded women

  • You are tired of pretending like you have it all put together when really, you are crumbling inside!

This group is not for you


  • You are not willing to let go of your perfectionism

  • You like having roadblocks in your life

  • You think being critical and hard on yourself is the only way to be

  • You are expecting this group to help you be more perfect

  • You hate groups

  • You are not willing to make the financial commitment to your personal development

Most of my life, I have struggled with low self-esteem and self-worth. And, for the first time, I felt supported and validated in a way I haven’t before. The most significant thing that resulted from working with Dr. Cruz was simply that belief that I am strong enough to get through this, achieve anything, and that I am enough. That to me was very important and very powerful along with the skills that she has taught me.
— Past Client
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Wondering if this group is right for you?

Sign up today for a free 30 minute discovery call to learn more about the group and determine if you are a right fit.

 “Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life!”

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