Hello kindred souls! I am Dr. Christina and I am glad you found your way to my blog. This blog is for savvy women like you who have many great blessings in life, yet still feel unfulfilled. Some of you might think that in order to achieve happiness and feel fulfilled, you have to look, live, and be perfect in every way. I am here to inspire you to believe otherwise. I am here to guide you towards another way of thinking, believing, and living that will allow you to find self love, inner peace, and overall happiness.  

I've made it my mission to help women connect intimately with who they are at their core and explore what they want most out of life while relinquishing their deep desire to control. I help women let go of what no longer serves them so they can live an authentic and restriction free life!

The women I have worked with in the past have not only touched my heart, but have guided me to the path I am on today; helping women break free from perfectionism for good! Many of the women I initially saw for anxiety, depression, or disordered eating, were also dealing with some level of perfectionism. Like many of us, the women that came to me wanted to find happiness in their lives. This is a goal we all wish to attain, however, the way they pursued happiness was causing them harm. For example, their pattern would usually play out similar to this: lack of happiness---> thought, "If I lose 10 pounds I will have the perfect body and then I will be happy," ---> lose 10 pounds---> still feel unhappy and unfulfilled. I call this a perfectionist trap.

The perfectionist trap and I have met before. Hi, I'm Christina, and I'm a recovering perfectionist. I know the pattern of the perfectionist trap all too well because like many of my clients, I too fell into the vicious cycle. For years I believed in order to be happy and be loved by others, I needed to be perfect in every way. While I looked put together on the outside, I was an emotional wreck on the inside. My desperate desire to be perfect produced high levels of anxiety because I feared criticism and judgment from those around me. I was plagued by health problems which prevented me from truly engaging in and enjoying life. In addition, I became severely critical of myself and others. The unrealistic expectations I had created for myself caused me to feel great sadness, guilt, and shame. When I finally realized the impact of my perfectionistic ways had on my overall health and well being, I sought help and dug myself out of the perfectionist trap for good.

It is through my suffering that I discovered my passion of helping women like me let go of unrealistic expectations. In many ways I am grateful to what perfectionism has taught me. Along the way I learned valuable life lessons that I hope to bestow upon you. I've gathered quite a few nuggets of wisdom along my personal and professional journey, which will be shared in future blog posts, so stay tuned!  

This blog will allow me to share more teachings, insights, and provide an opportunity to connect with you! I would love to hear about how perfectionism has impacted your life so comment below or send me a message to tell me about your story!  

If you are interested in working with me, contact me today to schedule your free 30 minute mini session to learn more about how you can finally break free from perfectionism!