Anxiety + Perfectionism

Anxiety is an innate, human, and normal response to a perceived threat. Anxiety is a necessary biological response we humans need to keep us safe. It can sometimes even motivate us. Normal levels of anxiety help us problem solve or manage a situation when something goes wrong. Other times, our anxiety misfires and perceives a threatening situation when there isn't one. Persistent, misfired anxiety tends to be future oriented (What if this happens? What if that happens? What will people think?) and feels as though you are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Is anxiety and perfectionism getting in your way?

Do you?

  • Feel anxious and distressed when your standards and expectations are not met?
  • Criticize yourself? Engage in self judgment and negative talk when things don't go according to plan?
  • Fear or experience discomfort with uncertainty? Perhaps perceive a threat to your sense of self that ignites anxiety and perfectionistic behaviors?

In order to deal with anxiety, a someone with perfectionism might try to control their behaviors or their environment by setting high and unrealistic expectations. The risk of such expectations puts oneself in danger of events not turning out according to plan which perpetuates a vicious perfectionism cycle.

The real work lies in challenging both one's high standards and critical thoughts that fuel perfectionism in order to live a restriction free life!

Is social anxiety preventing authentic connections with others?

Do you?

  • Fear being embarrassed, humiliated, rejected, or looked down upon in social interactions?
  • Overly watch, prepare, and rehearse what you are going to say to others?
  • Ruminate on making mistakes, especially in social settings?
  • Avoid social interactions with others?

There is a high correlation between perfectionism and social anxiety. Social anxiety can cause significant distress to one's daily functioning and social relationships. Trying to appear put together on the outside while attempting to avoid criticism may hinder real authentic connection with others, and even with ourselves. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable as a means to connect with others, your humanness can be seen and you are likely to be more relatable to others.  

As your life coach, we will work together to find out what is driving anxiety and work towards overcoming social anxiety and perfectionism together I will help you make sense of your anxiety by helping you become intimately aware of how your mind works. We will look at the inner critic that is stifling your self confidence and counteract that critic with a realistic and compassionate voice. Together we will practice concrete tools and strategies to help you manage your anxiety so you can finally embrace you at your core and stop letting anxiety and perfectionism deprive you of happiness!   

If you are ready to take hold of your life and learn new ways of dealing with your anxiety, click the button below to schedule your free 30 minute mini session today! 

Soon after I began receiving treatment from Dr. Cruz I felt confident that she was listening carefully and patiently to all of my concerns and doing so without judgment. I didn’t have any motivation to try new things for fear of failure but she helped me rebuild my self-confidence enough to take on new projects and set new goals. Today my anxiety is more manageable. I’m not afraid to go out for a walk or take on some new responsibilities and commitments.” —Past Client