Perfectionism + Anxiety

Stuck in a Vicious Perfectionism Cycle?

The Impossible Need to seem Perfect—or Perfectionism—often lives hand in hand with anxiety.

Anxiety is a normal human response to a perceived threat and at one time, our ancestors heavily relied on this innate response to warn them of possible danger ahead.

Most of us experience varying levels of anxiety from time to time and to some, anxiety can actually be motivating. However, anxiety can become problematic when we constantly perceive a threatening situation when there isn't one. Persistent, misfired anxiety tends to be future oriented (What if this happens? What if that happens? What will people think?) that is rooted in not being able to predict or achieve a desired outcome. 

Are Anxiety & Perfectionism Getting in Your Way?

Do you:

  • Feel afraid and stressed out when your hopes don't turn out according to your plan?

  • Criticize yourself? Engage in self judgment and hateful self-talk??

  • Crave certainty? Feel discomfort with ‘Maybe?’

  • Obsess over any form of criticism? Does criticism feel like an attack?!

  • Does your deepest ‘sense of self’ feel threatened—a lot?!

  • Fear being criticized, ridiculed, shamed, unloved—undeserving of love from others?

In our work together, we will address your perfectionism and anxiety. You will become deeply aware of your own inner workings and emotional triggers. You will understand how your mind works and learn to silence the critic that is stealing your self confidence. We’ll stop the negative feedback loop going on in your mind with compassion and truly heal it. With the concrete tools and strategies I will provide, you will be able to overcome your roadblocks and take hold of your perfectionism. This will allow you to make life choices that are authentic and in alignment with your core values. You will be able to tolerate and accept life's challenges instead of feeling overwhelmed. This will give you the freedom and internal peace you have been looking for! 

Ready to find relief from the perfectionism & anxiety that is weighing you down? Start by scheduling your FREE 30 minute mini session today!