Hi, I'm Dr. Christina

Are you tired of appearing perfect on the outside but on the inside you don't feel good enough? In fact, does it feel like a foreign concept to feel good enough just as you are? Do you long for internal freedom from your inner critic and self-doubt?  Does the thought of failing or making a mistake scare you? Have you forgotten what it's like to take care of your own self-care needs?

If the above scenario sounds like you, great! You are in the right place and at one point, it sounded like me too!


Hi, I'm Christina and I'm a recovering perfectionist.

It is through my struggles that I've made it my mission is to help women stop perfecting and start living the life they truly desire. How do I do this? I help women connect intimately with who they really are at their core and explore what they want most out of life while letting go of their deep desire to control and be perfect.