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Hi, I'm Dr. Christina

Tell me if this sounds like you: You are tired...actually exhausted by the way your life has been going. You don't feel fulfilled.

You don't feel good enough.

In fact, the thought of being good enough just as you are feels like a foreign concept.

You define yourself by external factors like what you have achieved and what others think of you.

You people please.

You look like you have the perfect life but in reality, you are consumed with negative self-talk, self- doubt, and constantly trying to measure up to unrealistic expectations.

Because of all of that, you are overwhelmed, overworked, and internally suffering with a great deal of stress.

Your body and mind are screaming at you to take better care of yourself but you turned off your body cues long ago and forgot how to take care of yourself. Self-care? What's that?

Does the above scenario sound like you? I thought so! 

My mission is to help women stop perfecting and start living the life they truly desire. How do I do this? I help women connect intimately with who they really are at their core and explore what they want most out of life while letting go of their deep desire to control and be perfect. 

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