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Mindset Coach for the overly critical woman

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I see you, you smart, passionate woman who has so much going on in your life but something feels off to you.

You're unfulfilled.

You might think in order to achieve happiness, you have to look, live, and be perfect in every way. 

You don't feel good enough just as you are. In fact, the thought of feeling good enough feels like a foreign concept.

You are bullied by your inner critic.

The thought of making a mistake or failing paralyzes you.

How do I know you so well?? Well, as a recovering perfectionist and a former not enougher, I know your struggles all too well. I, too, perfected. I overachieved. I people pleased. I sought validation outside of myself- until I found a new way of living....and haven't looked back since.

I help women let go of what no longer serves them so they can live authentic and restriction free lives.

It's possible, let me show you how! 

Where do I start?


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My offerings to you in the form of a FREE EBook to guide you on your perfectionism journey. PLUS I offer a FREE 30 minute mini session if you need help with an area in your life or want to learn more about my services. AND I put together videos on various topics with more to come! Check out all of the goodies by clicking below.



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