Depression + Anxiety

Do you?

  • Feel stuck and unsatisfied with your life?
  • Struggle with sadness, loneliness, or guilt?
  • Lack confidence or motivation to make changes in your life?

Life can really be overwhelming and exhausting! With the stress of trying to keep up with everything from work, family, and relationships, it's no wonder we sometimes get stuck and lack motivation to keep moving. If one doesn't address their lack of satisfaction, motivation, or sadness in life, it can result in a deeper issue, such as, depressed mood. Life can be tough...and it can also be rewarding and self-fulfilling if we can learn to manage challenges in effective ways. My positive coaching services in Bend, OR or online, can be the gateway for higher self-esteem and overcoming depression.

Is perfectionism making you sad?

Perfectionistic thoughts and behaviors can fuel sadness and depression. People who are perfectionists tend to set high expectations and when their expectations fail to meet their standards, it can leave people to feel inadequate, unfulfilled, disappointed, hopeless, and sad.

The way in which we perceive ourselves, the world around us, and our future significantly impacts our mood. If we engage in self criticism and negative thinking this prevents us from reaching our full potential. It is imperative for one to truly understand their style of thinking in order to reduce feeling depressed. This will allow one to also become aware of how their style of thinking is getting in their way and preventing personal growth.   

Through positive coaching, I will help you overcome your depression, by helping you understand the impact your thoughts have on your behaviors and emotions. Often times we try to push away painful emotions because we don't know how to deal with them. Many people are not even aware that they avoid their emotions. I will help you become more mindful of your emotions so you can make space for them and change your current relationship with your emotions. True suffering occurs when we deny or fight against ourselves. It's time to overcome your roadblocks and get on with living!

If you are tired of feeling stuck, want to move forward, and overcome your depression, click below to schedule your free 30 minute mini positive coaching session today in Bend or online!


After I left my first session with Dr. Cruz, I began to become more aware of my thoughts and feelings and thought maybe there was a better, healthier, happier way to live my life. My communication skills with my family and friends improved, I had more energy and motivation, and my self-esteem increased. I didn’t feel alone but instead supported. My favorite part of working with Dr. Cruz was the feeling of comfort and relief after leaving a session and knowing that I was heard.” —Past Client